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Multiple Miner Owners

Would anyone care to share how they go about finding a second, third, etc. area to set up a miner? Aside from friends and family that is; am I missing something?Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/fizicsguy [link] [comments]

Increasing Mining Efficiency – Bobcat 300

I see some people posting that they mine 1.0 HNT per day or more. I'm stuck at 0.05-0.13 on avg, usually on the lower end. My miner also resets by itself once in a while which I can't figure out why that's happening! How do people mine so much HNT daily? Is their...

Blockchain API endpoints and Solana migration

Post migration, for those that use the API endpoints documented at will they continue to work? If not where can we find similar documentation for post migration change? Thanks submitted by /u/zerotau [link]...

my bobcat “needs attention” as of 7 days ago

And I can't figure out why port is open, it has power, everything is working the way it should but as of a week ago it just stopped. I'm out of ideas on what I could be I even reset it and it didn't help. submitted by /u/puppetdmaster [link] [comments]

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